The Auto Lap Kit is designed to take the labor out of lapping. This device holds the work piece on the turning plate for the user. The kit includes swivel, 1/2" diameter x 16" length extension arm, adjustable steel plate, dop wax, and instructions.
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Auto Lap kit

22nd Jun 2017

I rated this a 5 because of the quality of the unit however I did not use it. The reason is being new at this type of equipment, I bought it for my new 16" VIBRATING Lap unit. It is only used for the rotating lap after talking to Brian. He was very helpful and offered to refund but I just might keep it in case I was to purchase the rotating unit in the future. Only suggestion is to put a note on the site for this item NOT for Auto Vibrating unit. Again being new at this, I failed to understand the details.