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Covington's Rockhound Oil is one of the finest coolants on the market. This mineral based oil has no distasteful odor and features excellent cooling properties that extend the life of the blade and saw. Covington recommends this oil for all saws over 10" and for cutting hard stones. A high flashpoint of 230° Fahrenheit ensures safe operation in all conditions.

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Rock hound oil is easier to work with

Mcguired43 on 10th Oct 2017

Rock hound oil is easier to clean off of rocks after cutting. My wife doesn’t complain as much when I get rockhound oil on my clothes. Good product.

Used for years

Jim on 2nd Aug 2017

This oil works great for all stones, and recyles well by filtration. Additonally, after I ordered, it arrived in 2 days.. The only improvement I think could be made, is to eliminate the slight odor which occurs in my shop after using it.

low misting

Mark on 31st Jul 2017

oil is low misting, which I appreciate.

Great cutting oil

Eric on 21st Jan 2017


Excellent product

11th Jan 2017

I cut a lot of Jade and other very hard stone and have never been disappointed in this cutting medium! When it gets a lot of fines from sawing I decant it in clear gallon jugs and run it again. Great product, stays cooler and hangs in when cutting!!

Rockhound oil works well.

3rd Nov 2016

I have been having trouble cutting harder rocks with my 10 inch rock saw. The rockhound oil works well and now I am having no trouble cutting jasper and petrified wood which was not possible with water.

The best of the best

10th Oct 2016

I am on my 5th 5 gallon container of this stuff. I love it. It does everything its supposed to, and then some.Its very cost effective, and has a long life. Low odor, low misting. Cant say enough about how well its working for me

The only product for the job

Peter on 5th May 2016

We are using a Hillquist Slab Saw Model RF 20-24 and have found Rockhound oil to be the most consistent product. No fumes, safe on the skin, and gives a very clean cut. The saw just seems to run effortlessly through the hardest rock.