These blades are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. You will be shipped two of the same size blade when you purchase one of them. Offer only applies to gold blades on this page. 20", 24", 30" & 36"
These blades are still good blades, but are did not pass quality inspections. They have a slight wobble on the arbor, but this does not affect the cut once engaged. 
**Items are FINAL SALE**
Covington's Gold Series Diamond Blades are excellent quality, commercial-grade blades designed for lapidary work. More diamonds in the notched rim and a stiffer core make this blade cut faster and maintain a longer use life. While this blade was designed for use on hard materials like agates, geodes, and petrified wood, it will cut softer materials superbly. The gold series blades are a great, low cost option. 
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