The Professional Grade Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner is an eco friendly machine for cleaning jewelry and small stones. Using only water, this unit will bring a brilliant shine to your jewelry using ultrasonic sound waves. This unit will also help clean and remove the grit from hard to reach areas in small stones after a tumbling process. A stainless steel tank and blue LED light allow for easy viewing of jewelry and stones. 

  • Available in 110V, 60Hz for use in the home
  • 25 ounce tank capacity (750mL)
  • Digital timer & Auto shut off with 5 cleaning cycle times (90, 180, 280, 380 & 480 seconds)
  • Uses tap water to clean
  • 42,000Hz sound waves
  • Removable basket for bracelets and watches
  • Evaporation free cover that opens automatically
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