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  • Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Pans and Hoods
  • Two 8" x 3" Expandable Drums
  • Mounted on an Aluminum-Topped Lam-I-Cushion Base
Covington has updated the Two-Station Expandable Drum Unit! Instead of the old style wherein the wheels were mounted directly to the motor shaft, this new unit has two drums mounted on a shaft that is pulley driven. This new model features sealed ball bearings and a 1/2hp motor! This unit still runs at 1725rpm, the perfect speed for expandable drums! The 8" Expandable Drum unit is an economical two-station grinder/polisher. This machine comes with two (2) 3" x 25-7/32" sand belts (100g & 220g), 1/2hp motor, instructions, and product guarantee.
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