• Speed Range: 700rpm - 2800rpm
  • Approx Footprint: 12"L x 12"W

It's finally here! As many of you know, Covington purchased Ameritool back in 2021. This product was a perfect fit for our line of lapidary tools and supplies! We are so excited to begin offering the Ameritool line on our Covington site! These Ameritool Universal machines are great for lapping small flat pieces. The small size and light weight make them highly portable and a great option for beginners and professionals alike! The universal is available in both 6" and 8" models. The universal kit includes the following items: 1-180g Diamond Disc, 1-325g Pro Sanding Disc w/ Backing Plate, 1-600g Pro Sanding Disc w/ Backing Plate, 1-1200g Pro Sanding Disc w/ Backing Plate, 1-Polish Pad w/ Backing Plate & 1-5g syringe of 14k Diamond Compound. This is the perfect setup to start yourself on your lapidary journey. You may find you want a finer polishes and additional pads or diamond compounds are available but we recommend trying out your Universal Ameritool with it's included accessories first!

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