The Glass Engraver is designed for brilliant cutting. A truly versatile machine, the glass engraver utilizes mandrel supported engraving wheels and glass cutting wheels up to 6" in diameter. A half-gallon drip can with an adjustable waterspout provides water to both workstations. Two (2) water pans catch drip waste. A detachable leather tongue trails the engraving wheel. Mounted hand control permits unlimited speed settings from 0rpm to 1600rpm. This unit includes standard wheel kit: five (5) assorted mandrel-mounted 320 grit aluminum oxide engraving wheels, and one (1) thin-flex diamond cutting blade. The unit ships complete with a 1/2hp motor, belt guard, speed control, instructions, and product guarantee.


  • Unobstructed Access to Wheels
  • Adjustable Speed Control Up to 1600rpm
  • 1/4" Jacob's Chuck and Wheel Adapter
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Ball Bearings are Greased for Life
  • 1/2hp, 110V, 60Hz Motor
  • Flexible Lamp
  • NOT Available in 220V, 50hz
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