The Two-Station Closed Arbor is a low cost “build-your-own” style grinder/polisher. This versatile unit is designed to accept 6” and 8" wheels. The arbor ships with two (2) nuts, 3” drive pulley, v-belt, and two (2) sets of 3” diameter flanges. The split housing, with a closed center, connects using two bolts. Two bearings are set on the shaft with two set screws. This arbor can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes. The closed arbor has a fully sealed front casting. This item is available with a 1" x 18" shaft or a 3/4" x 18" shaft. 

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Covington 1" arbor

kenny comello on 3rd Aug 2016

Covington makes a product that lasts and is durable! I've been using their products for decades in my Jade shop and have never had an issue.