Covington's diamond belts are a great choice for grinding both glass and stone! These tried and true belts are a great, long-lasting glass or stone grinding choice. As long as there is color left on the belt - there is still diamond embedded in the belt! The Ameritool diamond resin recipe is tried and true and is now available as a diamond belt option! Be on the look out for finer diamond mesh belts hitting the store over the next few months as we build our inventory! 
Are you finding that the belt is cutting less effectively? Ask us about our wire brushes to break up the resin and re-expose the diamond!
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Diamond belts for Lapidary work

Jerry on 30th Dec 2017

I recently purchased 4 3" by 8" diamond belts for use on my lapidary machine. I was pleased when I saw them and they are far more substantial than any of the "cheap" belts that I have bought and used. I can't tell you how they perform yet as my shop is in the back yard and doesn't have any walls, so I am out in the cold, and here in Utah, it is just too cold to try to polish stones in the winter. I suspect, just by the look of them, that they are going to far out-perform any of the others. Also the people at Covington Engineering are extremely helpful with advice. I think I found my home for diamond belts.

Diamond belt review

James Mooney on 28th Mar 2016

The diamond belts cut faster and last longer than silica carbide. Beginners should use caution as the belts remove material much faster. Makes a professional much more productive!

Big time saver!

Ron Massey on 3rd Apr 2015

I use my sander only for stained glass work. I am currently doing numerous prairie-style lamp shades and lanterns. They repeat with lots of small, slender strips. I am determined to fabricate these strips as accurately as is possible. The sander has allowed me to fine tune the dimensions for the results I want. I haven't used my grinder since I received the sander. Looking forward to using my new 100-grit diamond belt.