Covington's Gold Series Diamond Blades are excellent quality, commercial-grade blades designed for lapidary work. More diamonds in the notched rim and a stiffer core make this blade cut faster and maintain a longer use life. While this blade was designed for use on hard materials like agates, geodes, and petrified wood, it will cut softer materials superbly. The gold series blades are a great, low cost option. 
Covington's 6" and 10" saws come standard with our gold series blade. These blades are the most economical choice for a wide range of lapidary cutting needs.
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My second gold blade.

Yeah, I'm on my second Gold blade I had a rock slip out of the vise and bent the first blade. First blade was doing a fine job of cutting sorry to see it go. Have made a few cuts with the new blade and it seems to be cutting just as good as the first blade. A good blade and a good price. A 12" blade.

Good and not so good

I have a 14" gold on my Lortone drop saw, water cooled, not so good, can't keep it dressed. I also have a 20" gold, oil cooled and it works great.

Covington 18" Gold Blade

I just received my first Covington Gold Blade. The condition was near perfect and it runs true. My first jade slabs were great. I'll be interested in testing it long term on all types of jade material. The shipping time was extremely quick by FedEx and that was very much appreciated.

So far, so good.

Only been using this blade for a short time, but seems to work just fine.

Covington Gold Blades

Covington Gold blades are of the best quality and durability on the market. They far outdistance the competitors in pricing, wear, and the quality of precision cutting. I am also extremely pleased with company's personalized attention to their customers needs and requests.

Gold Blade Value

I have been using the Covington gold blade for years. It always cuts smooth and evenly. My biggest problem is to make sure that my saw is always kept in proper adjustment. If I am lax there, I may cause a kink in the blade and once I have introduced a warp, then the cutting goes downhill. It took me a while to get this all figured out. I've really only worn one blade out, the others I've used were damaged either by my in-attention or my failure to keep the saw adjusted. When I am doing things right, these blades run for a long time. I am just now replacing one I have had running for 4 years, and I cut quite a bit of rock.

A good blade.

This is a good blade for a good price! Cuts fast and smooth!

I love the gold blades

The quality of the blade for the price is good. that blade seems to last very well over a long period of time if properly cared for.