Old Miser is a binding agent designed to hold grit to a workpiece so that it is not thrown off by centrifugal force or washed away by water. This compound assists by quickly making a slurry and holding the grit to the stone thereby speeding up the process and saving grit. Old Miser is water soluble and washes off the specimen easily. Pays for its cost many times over in grit and time saved.
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Old miser

16th Apr 2018

A product that all sphere makers need, it helps to keep grinding grit on work area, a must. Curt. B C Gems and Jewelry

A Must Have for the Vibrating Lap

Marcia on 30th Dec 2014

Old Miser makes all the difference in the world when used with a vibrating lap. It keeps the grit from clumping together, thereby making it easier for the piece to move around in the pan. Thanks for telling me about this!