• Sealed Ball Bearings Mounted in Rubber for Quiet and Smooth Operation
  • Mounted on Rustproof Aluminum-Topped Lam-I-Cushion Base
  • Stainless Steel Main Shaft Resists Rust
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Castings, Hood, and Belt Guard
  • Continuous Variable Speed Control from 800rpm to 1725rpm
  • Quick Change Hood and Polishing Buff
  • Adjustable Cab and Wheel Rest
  • Available in 220V, 50hz
The 6" Combination Unit cuts, grinds, sands, and polishes gemstone material all on one machine. This unit is designed to take small work pieces from a rough stone to a polished finish. 


The 6" Diamond Unit comes complete with one (1) 6" Covington Gold Series diamond blade, slab vise, water valves, drains, two (2) 6" x 1-1/2" metal bonded diamond grinding wheels (100g & 220g), one (1) 6" expandable drum, one (1) 2-1/2" x 18-15/16" diamond sanding belt (1200g), five (5) 2-1/2" x 18-15/16" silicon carbide sanding belts (400g), one (1) 6" x 5/8"-18RH aluminum head with leather disc attached, 5-gram syringe of 50,000 mesh diamond compound, 2-ounce bottle of extender fluid, sample kit (#1 Koolerant, polish powder, brush, dop sticks, and wax), a book about using diamond abrasives, 1/3hp motor, switch cord, belt guard, instructions, and product guarantee.

Silicon Carbide (No Longer Available)

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