This is a spare pan for our Covington Automatic Vibrating Lap. Simply select the size that coincides with your base unit. These are not interchangeable with different size bases.

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Hoping for longer wear.

Dan Mangler on 21st Jan 2017

This looks great new but I've not been real satisfied because of the wearing of the previous pan with what I consider moderate use.

Extra Lap pan for polishing is a good idea

Mike Wisland on 27th Jul 2015

The lap pans are really well designed and sooo easy to replace. So I do. between the grinding and polishing stages. Less of a cleaning hassle (tho I have had luck putting them in the dishwasher), and now I have a dedicated pan for just polishing. Now there's no worry of contamination between batches.

Nice for Grit Control

Marcia on 30th Dec 2014

I use this pan for cerium only. Great offering.