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  • Grooved plate surface promotes faster cut
  • Removable pan for easy cleaning
  • Single tri-knob screw releases pan
  • Pad insert provides polishing capabilities
  • Light weight for easy mobility and storage
  • Runs quietly
  • Mounting holes for securing unit to work area
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum construction
  • Bumper ring helps prevent fracturing


Covington's Vibrating Laps are designed to abrade and polish with minimal assistance. Forget all of the work involved in lapping; with the vibrating lap, just load, start, and walk away. The inertia of the heavy rock slab holds the piece relatively still while the lap pan vibrates underneath. This effectively replaces the circular rotation used by conventional lapping machines. Units ship complete with plate, bumper ring, polish pad, instructions, safety demands and product guarantee.
Covington's 10" Vibrating Lap is the perfect countertop sized model for working small, jewelry-sized pieces of glass and stone. Filling the pan 1/2 to 3/4 full ensures maximum plate surface is used while grinding the pieces in the most efficient manner.
The 12" Vibra Lap is similar to the 10" size but has an extra two inches in plate diameter. This allows the user to lap slightly larger pieces or several more small pieces at a time.
Covington's 16" Automatic Vibrating Lap is the most popular size model. This unit is the perfect size for a tabletop or workbench. The 16" size will accommodate larger pieces or more small pieces. Complete this unit and have it running immediately with a Lapping Grit Kit!
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Excellent product and shipping

Tim on 26th Feb 2018

Just received lap last week and very good equipment quieter than my grandfathers old homemade one and does not walk when level

Great Piece of Equipment for "Smart" Workers

Marcia on 6th Jan 2015

There is a saying, "Work smart, not hard." This vibrating lap permits me to do just that. I all I have to do is level it, add grit and water, load the piece and press go. The vibrating lap does the rest. Every half hour or so, I check the water and add some if needed. I am a glass artist but not a production artist. The time it takes is inconsequential to me. I love it. I also love the great customer service and support I received after purchase.