• Uses 3" x 24" belts
  • Upright bearing support casting mounted on a cast aluminum tank 
  • Available in 220V, 50Hz for international use
  • Unobstructed access to work area
  • Quick change belt system
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Single control alignment to keep belt running true
  • Double sealed and shielded bearings
  • Adjustable back plate
The Mounted Wet Belt Sander has 6" of workspace and is designed to sand, grind, and polish small items. This sander comes complete with a 1/3hp motor and belt guard mounted on a rustproof aluminum topped Lam-I-Cushion base, instructions, and product guarantee. A water valve and spray nozzle are built in for easy hookup. The water valve takes 1/4"OD plastic tubing for gravity water flow or 1/4" copper tubing for pressure systems. This model ships with the motor attached, ready to plug in and operate.
Suggested supplies sold separately:
PLUKIT: Sander Plumbing Kit
SBK324: 3" x 24" Silicon Carbide Belt Starter Kit
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