Recently we started carrying a new line of diamond wheels called Covington Ultimate Sintered Diamond Wheels. These wheels are designed to run true and provide an effective grind with a long wheel life. Right away one of our local clubs, Yucaipa Gem and Mineral Society, purchased one of these wheels for club members to try out. Local rockhound and artist Walt Harrison wrote us a note about his experience with the new wheel. 

Dear Dan,

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was in the new 8” - 60 grit sintered diamond wheel that we purchased for the

Yucaipa Gem and Mineral Society here recently.

After hearing everyone who used this wheel at our club raving about it, I had to give it a try myself.

You see, I have been using Inland sintered diamond wheels for ten plus years now. I like them a lot, but they cost $150 more per wheel compared to this new sintered wheel you’re now selling. Just a little note here for anyone who hasn't used a sintered wheel before, these are lifelong wheels, so you will not have to buy another one.

So, I did a test at our club the other day and the results were impressive. I worked for three hours pre-forming a mix 

of cabochons, I shaped them and domed them. I used hard Dead Camel Jasper, Willow creek and then a few softer Rhodonite cabs.

What was really impressive about the wheel was the smooth balance, it didn't vibrate, or bump and it cut really fast.

I was able to pre-form and dome twenty cabs in that three-hour time period. These cabs were all medium to large in size and if you have ever worked Dead Camel Jasper, you know it takes a long time to cut. I love the wheel.

Just wanted to give you a little feedback about this new wheel, you’ve got a winner!

Thank you,

Walt Harrison

To purchase these wheels on our website, follow the link below:

Ultimate Sintered Diamond Wheels

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