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Rocks, Rocks, Rocks…

A Backpacking Rockhound’s Journey

It has been a couple of weeks since I blogged and that’s because I was out gallivanting in the great backcountry of the High Sierra Mountains.

Let me say this. There is certainly no shortage of rocks in the Sierras.

I began my trip with the mindset that I would only pick up the rocks that are really worth it.


You aren’t supposed to take rocks from a national forest?


Let’s start over.

I began my trip with the mindset that I would only take pictures of the rocks that were really worth it.

Here are some of my favorites!

I.E. The green monster that weighed several pounds…

The rock ranges we had to cross with our heavy packs without breaking a leg.

The rocks we could see clearly at the bottom of the lakes.

The boulders that saved our lives from the wild thunderstorms (not pictured because we were really just focused on staying dry and not dying)…

The rock that some joker turned into a whale…

The countless river/creek crossings made on… you guessed it… rocks!

And my particular favorite…

The rock that looked like a steak.

Or maybe I was just really hungry for some real (non-dehydrated) food.

To Be Continued…

Or Maybe Not…

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