Cork polishing discs are a great option for pre-polishing or final polishing glass. Cork works as a great carrier for fine pumices and can give a frosty finish to your glass piece. 
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Excellent polishing discs

Chris on 28th Jun 2016

I use these cork discs to polish edges of glass of various thicknesses. Like tabletops and mirrors and such. The cork disc here is the last step in a sequence of 120 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit. I use lubricating wax on the cork to help achieve high polish and keep temperatures low, rather than using polishing oil, which is quite a mess. These discs do not have pressure-sensitive adhesive. It would be nice if they did. I buy my own spray adhesive. Spray the pad attached to your disc sander and then the back of the cork disc, let it dry, then stick them together. Sometimes after prolonged use, the sander will start to wobble because the adhesive has become weak from heat and the disc is about to fly off with remarkable force. This can cause a serious injury. For real. Be careful if you feel the tool start to wobble. I buy discs from another supplier because the aforementioned gritted discs come with adhesive. Peel and stick. No fly off. Other than the adhesive, which can be easily overcome, these discs are excellent and perform well and last a long time. I highly recommend them.